Gavin’s Special Day

January 4th, 2013 by Susan Ehlers

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet little man! The past 4 years have been very eventful and fun and it started when this cutie came to our family. He is full of imagination and whit, and he makes me laugh everyday. I love love love his laugh and his big blue eyes, and the way he says “I yum you”   ( I love you). Don’t let me fool you, this kid isn’t all laughs and giggles, he can throw a tantrum better and faster than an angry bull. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

To celebrate, he helped me make cake pops and his birthday cake. He knew exactly what he wanted, Angry Bird Space cake. I thought I could do little bird cake balls, but I’m the first to admit, I’m much more creative and able in my mind. We ended up just having some brightly colored cake pops, which turned out cute and the kids loved them anyway.


We met a bunch of kids from the neighborhood at the new McDonald’s. I’ll admit, it was a great last minute cop-out for a party. “No gifts, just come play.” It was much better than sitting at home. I wish I got a picture with all the kids, but that was pretty much impossible. I did get a pic of these two cuties though!

Climbing the rock wall


my crazy upside-down boy


This is my sweet little great-niece that came to play with us as well


After our lunch playdate we hurried home to get things in order, decorate his cake and wrap presents, which was a challenge because he was insisting on helping me wrap them! It was so cute how excited and helpful he wanted to be.

He loves to use the mixer


He loved how his cake turned out. After the pieces were secured on he excitedly asked if he could launch the red bird. No!


lighting the candles


He got OmNom! Although he was so disappointed it wasn't "real"


There is not better joy than to see your kids happy.

Thank you friends and Family that made his day special!

I love you Gavin, thanks for being my boy



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Happy 2013!

January 3rd, 2013 by Susan Ehlers

New Years Eve is pretty low key for us, but I have really gotten to love it. After I got home from work and Jaycee got home from Babysitting, we got the little boys in bed, turned on some white noise in their room (so they wouldn’t hear us having fun), and played a fun game of Monopoly Millionaire that we got for Christmas. Maybe it was so fun because I won!

The next day, cold and snowy, Chad and I decided we’d have a little adventure. I text the kids saying there had been a zombie sighting, (my family is obsessed with Zombies), and that they needed to grab their outside gear and grab the shovels. They were both confused but decided to play along. Chad and the big kids made a fortress, we just didn’t get it reinforced like we wanted to with all our icicles. But I think it would withhold a zombie attack, for a few seconds.

Even Gavin wanted to help


Trying to get the snow packed and level. It was really powdery


Oh my goodness, isn't he just the cutest?!

Gavin tried snowboarding down our little hill and he was a natural! I wish I could figure out how to post the video.

It was just great to get outside and play with the kids, all of us, all at once. It doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Wanna see something funny? I saw this car as I was out with my friends last night:

Maybe our mock zombie attack wasn't all that crazy after all!




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January 3rd, 2013 by Susan Ehlers

Christmas: It’s the most Wonderful time of the year! We had a good Christmas, Santa was able to deliver, and we spent some great time with Family. Christmas Eve is our big night for my family. We have a great dinner, watch the kids do a fantastic job acting out the Nativity and then exchanging gifts before going home and wrestling the kids to bed. This year in the nativity Sean was a Little Angel and Gavin was a (Ninja) Shepherd. He did a great job watching the sheep and keeping them safe.

This is the view of our living room after Santa was done

Christmas morning had us awake at 8 am. Not to bad. Gavin’s reaction was great. I heard him come out of his room calling for me, I think he must have seen the tree lights on in the living room and peeked, then came running to my room, “Mom, come on! Come see!” Oh it was torture for him to wait to wake up Sean and to gather everyone to go out at the same time.

They did a pretty good job taking turns, helping Sean find his. Gavin got good at finding his name, but made sure it was his before tearing into it.

It doesn’t look like he got much, but his gift from Santa had to be put outside. He got a gas powered scooter and it smelled like gas, so it went outside really fast. Really, he was happy.

Gavin and Sean actually fell asleep on the ride home from Grandmas on Christmas Eve so that’s why they aren’t in their cute new PJ’s.

Yes, I really got Chad a new toilet seat. I don’t know if you remember our first Christmas in our new house, there were some broken drawers so for Christmas Chad bought “me” new tracks so he could fix them, I won’t mention that was 3 years ago and said drawers are still broken, ahem. Anyway, one of our toilet seats needed to be replaced, so I thought I would reciprocate the gesture. I don’t think I need to mention that he had the new seat on within minutes of this picture being taken.

That afternoon we had Chad’s Grandparents and Uncle Sam’s family over for dinner. I think everything turned out great. Unfortunately I was too busy worrying about stuff to get pictures, darn. But it really was so nice to have them over to share in our Christmas day.


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Count your Many Blessings

November 8th, 2012 by Susan Ehlers

Wow, two posts in one week, lucky you Cindy!

One of the things I loved about this house was the yard, and all the trees! But every Fall I question my sanity in the decision for trees to be a deciding factor in buying a house! Our first fall here I thought I was going to go insane. I had never seen so many leaves in one yard before. The kids were a big help and it was lots of fun, but now the novelty of raking leaves has worn off for the big kids. Each year it got harder as the next year I was raking leaves with a toddler and being pregnant. Last year I was trying to clean up the yard with a baby and toddler. This year though, I’ve finally actually kind of enjoyed it, a little. Sean and Gavin love to be outside and they play so well while I work, and the weather has been so nice!

Sean loving on Buddy

A cute lady walking her dog the other day made a comment in passing that really stopped me in my tracks and made me think. She said, “you sure have a lot of great leaves to clean up!” This was after raking for a few hours and I was tired and a little grouchy because no one wanted to help me. But it made me realize that I should be grateful for all these leaves to clean up because I sure enjoyed them all summer! I love my yard and trees, I’m grateful for the shade, so I should love cleaning up those big green leaves that make summer so bearable.

Brandon still likes to jump in the leaves, just in a little bit different way than normal:


I have to admit, I’m a little happy for the snow tomorrow, it means that what ever leaves didn’t get picked up will have to wait until spring; maybe. I’m a little tired of cleaning up leaves this year. Apparently, so is Sean. My sweet little boy just couldn’t wait for me any longer to be done this morning to take a little nap.

How cute is that?!

Look at the drool! He was so tired!

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